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YouTube is testing a new interface

YouTube has released a beta version of their new interface, including new social bookmarking options.

YouTube has started testing a new beta interface on their site. This opt-in test lets users get a sneak peek at what YouTube's designers have been working on.

The new design features easier access to more films by the user that you are currently watching, as well as separate sections for Related Videos and Promoted Videos. According to Nathan Weinberg from InsideGoogle, the actual size of the video has also been upped to 480x395. The look and feel of the links below the video has also been improved and includes new, larger icons. The coolest improvement in this new design is definitely the addition of easy social bookmarking. Clicking on the "Share" link now slides out links to share the current video on Digg,, Furl, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, in addition to the "share with friends" feature that exists in the old design.

To see the new interface, just click on "Try out the NEW (beta) version of this page!" on any video page. Although this is not a giant leap forward in design overall, it does provide some new features that makes surfing YouTube a little bit easier.