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YouTube gets local TV news programming

YouTube partners with Hearst-Argyle to put TV on your PC.

This announcement slipped through the cracks yesterday but is one of the more interesting partner dealings with YouTube we've seen in a while (besides that AppleTV bit last week). YouTube is now hosting several channels for Hearst-Argyle, a television company that owns 26 local TV stations in the United States. YouTube will be sharing revenues with Heart-Argyle based on viewership, similar to what's been done with some of the other partnered content providers like the BBC and several sports leagues.

There are already five dedicated YouTube channels that now host a variety of content, ranging from local news to human-interest pieces. While many popular news clips can be found available online, they're often uploaded by users who have done a digital transfer or ripped a stream from the station's Web site. This new deal is a sign of things to come as new media comes to terms with an audience that likes to gets its news on demand.

The five new channels are from all over the country:
WCVB 5 - Boston
WMUR 9 - Manchester
KCRA 3 - Sacramento
WTAE 4 - Pittsburgh
WBAL 11 - Baltimore