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YouTube finds new place for ad spots

The click-to-buy overlays that typically have enabled users to buy a song from iTunes or Amazon now will feature ads.

YouTube is trying to make good use of some of the most valuable real estate on its music videos.

A Pearl Jam music video featuring a Visa ad. YouTube

Anyone clicking on music videos at the site may notice a Visa logo inserted in the click-to-buy overlay that appears at the bottom of the video.

The spot is a choice position for brand advertising and is reflective of YouTube's continued efforts to find new--and hopefully profitable--advertising methods.

YouTube has long said that there won't be one way to turn the Web's largest video site into a profitable venture. Google, YouTube's parent company, has launched numerous ad vehicles, including the sale of keywords and ad overlays.

This is the first time that YouTube has sold ad space in the click-to-buy pop-up, which enables users to purchase a song they see in the music video from iTunes or Amazon.