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YouTube comments become a hilarious YouTube movie

The comments on YouTube videos have tended not to offer the height of cultural thought. When turned into a movie -- in this case it's a comment thread about soccer (sort of) -- they take on a new hue.

You twerker. Dead Parrot/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Sometimes we say things without thinking.

Then there are the times when we say things without saying anything at all.

But there are also the willfully aggressive types who steam into comments sections in order to enjoy their own particular form of Fight Club.

The problem with these so-called troll types is that their discourse doesn't always rise to the level of minimal grace or education. Instead, there's rabid invective, with spellings from the time of Chaucer. If you're lucky.

Thankfully, the lighthearted souls at Dead Parrot decided they would immortalize some of the more memorable comment exchanges on YouTube, by turning them into movies.

One of the best features an exchange beneath a video entitled "Soccer Player Accidentally Slaps a Referee's Boob."

The two commenters enjoy the handles "Ivy Kenso" and "ShortShortDI."

In choosing actors with expressive English voices, true gravitas is lent to what might at first seem like banal words.

"Football, you f***ing Yanks," begins one.

What transpires brings to life the essential superiority that is necessary in being a perfectly annoying, self-righteous commenter.

"You twerker," says one to scorn the other. "You're stuuuupid. And I'm smart and I'm better than you," he continues.

To see these words spat out with a face full of meanness gives them far more dramatic presence than mere words on a screen.

"Go impregnate a goat, you constipated middle class Rush-lover," is but one more of the colorful suggestions on offer here.

"Insults, insults and more insults. Is that all you've got?" says his exasperated partner in this "Waiting for YouTube Godot."

Well, yes actually.