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This YouTube channel makes your favorite movies better

Check out the film-making artistry behind your favorite movies and scenes with YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting.

For the past few weeks, I've been highlighting a YouTube channel every week that reveals something interesting (or awesome) you might not know about. So far, I've written about SmarterEveryDay, Ten Second Songs, Binging with Babish and Colin Furze, among others.

Today I have a really cool channel that breaks down movies into their component parts and analyzes the artistry behind the action. It's called Every Frame a Painting.

To start off, narrator Tony Zhou takes a look at how to make an action comedy and why Jackie Chan is one of the very best for the last 40 years.

Next, Zhou starts this next video by asking people on the street which songs they remember from famous movies. I'm sure all of you can hum a few bars of Star Wars, the Indiana Jones theme, and probably Harry Potter. But what about Marvel Movies? Stumped? There's a reason:

This much shorter video studies a single scene from "Silence of the Lambs," wondering, "Who wins the scene?" Zhou shows how camera angles matter and how changing the point of view between characters makes the audience feel a certain way.

Finally, in this last one, we get to see how different lenses and camera positions can make you feel during what is called Shot/Reverse Shot while filming dialogue. Zhou says the Cohen brothers do this extremely well. Here's why:

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