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Direct Brands delivers further proof that the CD is a dead format.

If you remember BMG Music Service's 12-for-1 CD subscription service, then I offer up this footnote to that story. Direct Brands shuttered that service in 2008, shuffling over its remaining members to a new site,

The deal with the site was that all single-disc albums were $6.99 with free shipping, you just had to buy one a month. However, Direct Brands is closing, ending its run in music sales and reminding us once more that physical media is on its way out. officially shuts down on June 29, but to celebrate its passing it's having "exciting sales and special offers" to clear out the inventory over the coming weeks. If you don't mind hunting through the stock, you might turn up a deal or two. I warn you, though, the site is miserably slow and poorly organized, which is another reason to put a nail in this coffin.