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You're living in an 8-bit dream world, Neo

The original "Matrix" gets the 8-bit treatment thanks to CineFix, and it's just about as good as the real thing. It's definitely better than the sequels.

While many would argue that the sequels didn't end up being that great, the first movie in "The Matrix" trilogy is among the best sci-fi films out there. "The Matrix" is the latest movie to get the CineFix treatment, with a full three-minute run-through of the movie as if it were an 8-bit video game.

The 8-bit version of "The Matrix" shrinks the entire film down to a three-minute speed run, from the moment Neo decides to take the red pill to his recovery from being blasted with dozens of bullets and realizing his true power. He stops to see the Oracle along the way, and gets into some pretty epic battles with agents and soldiers. And, of course, there's some good bullet-bending action as well.

Check out the video at the top of this post to watch for yourself, and then see CineFix's remakes of Forrest Gump, The Big Lebowski and Godzilla.