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You're going to freak over these uncanny masks

Your own personal uncanny valley is just a few clicks away with these custom-printed balaclavas.

Freak Masks
Welcome to the freak show. Screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

These stretchy Freak Masks are kind of like throwing your freak flag right on top of your head.

Made by London-based retailer Firebox, these personalized lycra hoods -- with the eyes creepily cut out -- are great for all kinds of things: cosplay, Halloween, making viral videos, shooting unusual selfies, robbing banks, and, really, whatever.

To get one of your own, you simply send a high-res photo of your face (or someone else's) and some money to Firebox. It does the rest.

They cost £25 (which converts to around $42, or AU$45) with free worldwide delivery. Each is one-size-fits-all and will maintain its "integrity and print for over 100 washes," according to Firebox.

Go ahead, make your own Freak Mask. Just be prepared to lose some friends. And maybe gain some weirder ones.

(Via Nerdcore)