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Your very own 'Rave' in a massage chair

It syncs to your music while not looking so clinical.


Picky, picky. That's what we are. Not only do we want a massage chair that can be set to our every physiological whim, but we also want one that will thump to the beat of our music. The problem, though, is that most therapeutic chairs on the market look so institutional--and when we're in need of relaxation, the last thing we want to imagine is that we're in a dentist chair.

So even though there are others that can be programmed to sync with music, we appreciate the effort made by "The Rave." In addition to housing a pair of speakers and plug-and-play compartments for media players, the chair sports a design that looks more appropriate for a media room than a physical therapy clinic, in five colors. And don't worry: The upholstery is a washable micro-fiber fabric, Gizmag says, which will come in handy in case you spill your stress-reducing martini.