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Your summer reading list is here thanks to new Marvel video

Find out exactly which comics to bring to the beach this year to get the background on hot Marvel shows and films like "Ant-Man" and "Daredevil."

There are three words that can easily deflate a student's rising buoyancy as the end of school draws near each year: "summer," "reading" and "list." But if Marvel Comics was in charge of handing out the reading materials for the warmest months of the year, you can bet there would be a lot fewer groans heard round the world as June approaches.

Well, whether you're a current student or a long-time graduate, Marvel has indeed just delivered you from a summer of reading missteps by putting out the short video above recommending their picks for beach-worthy comics.

On the one hand, the video is certainly a big commercial for the comics publisher. On the other, if you've been curious about how to penetrate the giant universe of comics and the various storylines they contain, it serves as a good primer.

The video is especially focused on comics that tie into various Marvel TV shows and films, like reading 1993's "The Man Without Fear" to see some of the inspiration for Netflix's "Daredevil," and checking out "Alias" to learn the backstory behind the streaming service's release of "Jessica Jones" later this year.

Some of the comics mentioned in the video are only available in print, while others can be had through the comic publisher's "Marvel Unlimited" service which lets you download all the comics you want in digital form for $9.99 per month. Either way, it sure beats a summer being stuck with "Madame Bovary," don't you think?