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Your Shuffle can play like the big boys

Your Shuffle can play like the big boys

Yesterday, Belkin announced the Dock Adapter for the iPod Shuffle, which adds a proprietary iPod dock connector (such as those found on the hard-drive iPods) to the Shuffle. The Dock Adapter, which will cost $19.99, purportedly allows you to use the Shuffle with accessories that are made for the larger iPods. Examples given by Belkin include battery packs, speakers, and power cords, though the company doesn't assert whether the Dock Adapter will work with specific iPod accessories (the JBL On Stage, for example). However, the press release does call out specific Belkin accessories that will work, including the Belkin TuneBase FM, the Belkin Auto Kit, the Belkin Auto Power Cord, the Belkin Battery Pack, and the Belkin TunePower. The Dock Adapter will no doubt be a useful tool for some iPod fanatics, but style issues could be a concern for others. After all, the Shuffle will look pretty silly attached to most of the accessories made for larger iPods.