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Your Samsung Galaxy phone may power two screens at once, with DeX dock

Also, the Galaxy Tab S4 is rumored to get DeX support.


Turn your phone into a computer with Samsung DeX.


The Samsung DeX dock lets you hook up your Galaxy phone to a monitor for a PC-like experience. But what if that monitor isn't enough screen space? Well, Samsung may be working on something for you.

Samsung DeX is reportedly getting dual-screen support, industry blog SamMobile reports. A new dual-screen mode will apparently give you the option of using your Galaxy device as a second screen in conjunction with the monitor. Right now your phone goes black when using the DeX dock.

The report also says that the upcoming Galaxy Tab S4 is getting DeX support, so you'd be able to hook up the Samsung tablet with DeX and use it like a PC. If the dual-screen mode rumor is true, using the tablet with your extra monitor may give you plenty of screen space to work with.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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