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Your PS4 digital library will be playable from any system

The PS4 will let you access your digital library of games from the PlayStation Network on any console.

Speaking at the Develop conference in the UK, Sony's R&D senior team leader Neil Brown has outlined some of the PSN library features of the PlayStation 4.

(Credit: Sony)

As reported by PlayStation Magazine UK, Brown said that gamers will be able to log in to their PSN account and access their full digital library of games from any PS4 console.

This access will make use of the PS4's Play While You Download feature. Rather than waiting for a game to fully download before playing, gamers will be able to play early levels while the rest of the title downloads in the background.

According to Brown, "this makes a digital library a practical option in the real world".

The Play as You Download feature was touted at the PS4's initial launch event. At the time, Sony said it would enable you to begin playing a game shortly after purchasing it via Sony's digital store, without the game needing to finish downloading.

Sony's digital library is very similar to the library function that Microsoft had planned for the Xbox One. Microsoft's system would have allowed gamers to access all games they owned — even physical discs purchased from bricks-and-mortar retailers — as these would have been linked to individual accounts.

After backlash over the daily internet check-in requirements of the Xbox One, Microsoft reversed some of its DRM-related policies for the console, and the library function was removed. Overnight, an online petition was started to reinstate the features.