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Your own 'media wall' for just $100,000

Neiman Marcus holiday catalog has the ultimate tech gift.

Neiman Marcus

It's nice to see that Neiman Marcus is keeping up with the times. For decades the luxury goods peddler's famed Christmas catalog featured such decidedly Old World items as private islands for sale. But in recent years it's gotten the tech bug, at least where gold and diamond gadgets were concerned. And now it's truly proving its digital mettle--with an "Interactive Media Wall" from Perceptive Pixel.

While not quite an entire wall, this screen will nonetheless make an impression on visitors at 8 feet wide and by 3 feet high. Especially when you encourage them to touch it, navigating and editing everything from manuscripts to media just by fingertip. The ginormous multi-touch display doesn't quite make the fabled Minority Report version a reality just yet, but it sure looks like fun to play with. SCI FI Tech does note that it has one decidedly negative feature, however: a $100,000 price tag. In our book, that makes it more fiction than science.