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Your new, fully gay Nintendo world, as revealed by John Oliver

On his "Last Week Tonight" show, Jon Stewart's former sidekick reveals the new truth behind Nintendo's famous characters.

Mario and Link look happy. "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver"/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It must have slipped their joysticks.

Nintendo apologized last week for its unfathomable oversight in not allowing same-sex marriages in its new game, Tomodachi Life.

This was a life-simulator game that didn't quite simulate life.

In its apology, the company admitted it was too late now to change the game. Thankfully, though, we have enterprising journo-comedians like HBO's John Oliver, who burrowed away into Nintendo's vaults to discover the essences of some of the company's most famous characters.

Given that Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of gay marriage's legalization in Massachusetts, Oliver presented the reactions of, for example, Mario and Link.

Princess Peach and Princess Zelda also seemed in an especially celebratory mood that Nintendo was going to allow same-sex avatars to make it official.

Yoshi and Toad, however, decided to finally come out and make the ultimate nuptial stand. You might especially enjoy (or not) their first long, lingering kiss.

And then there's the domestic partner that Donkey Kong left behind, again, again, and again. I'll leave you to guess who that might have been.

It's good to know that freedom can come to gaming too. Eventually.