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Your laptop, covered in old news

Cherish the good ol' newspaper with the laptop bag covered in old news.


Are you one of those people attached to the notion that news should only be read on paper? Well, here's something to appease your old-timey sensibilities.

Mitemite--a small Spanish company that boasts their "unnecessary" products line--created a laptop bag in the style of old newspapers. Now you can carry your laptop in the Herald Tribune, the La Vanguarda and other publications.

The bag is ideal for anyone who wants to look appropriately snooty while traveling to work. Well, not anyone. The current styles are only made for the Macbook Pro, but anything smaller than 15.4" will fit, too.

There are no compartments, nor any kind of padding to protect your laptop. So what? Take off the handles, place it in your briefcase, and use it as a sleeve. The 'rents will be proud that you're reading the paper every day.