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Your landline is too expensive and Ofcom is looking into it

Telecoms guardian Ofcom is launching a review into landline phone prices, which it says have increased by 41 percent in recent years.

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Landline phone rental prices have risen between 28 and 41 percent in recent years, according to Ofcom, so the telecoms watchdog is launching a review of prices offered by all UK phone providers.

"Our analysis shows that all major landline providers have increased their line rental charges significantly in recent years," Ofcom said in a statement, "despite providers benefitting from around a 25 percent fall in the underlying wholesale cost of providing a landline service."

Ofcom is concerned that elderly and vulnerable people -- groups that it claims are more likely to have stand-alone landline services without broadband -- are most at risk from the increase in prices.

The watchdog hopes to publish its findings in early 2017.