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Your kitchen, in a grill

This outdoor grill mimics all the functions of an indoor kitchen.

We've looked at outdoor kitchen appliances in the past. And now Sikes Cookers & Grills wants a piece of the action, so it's come up with the Chamber, which the company says allows people to use an outdoor cooker the same way they use a kitchen oven.

Roast, bake, marinate, and grill. Sikes Cookers & Grills

The Chamber uses three patented, separate sections: a direct side, an indirect side, and a special unique partition. The burners are located on the direct side for traditional grilling, searing, or cooktop use; in this section you can grill a perfect steak or boil a pot of potatoes. The indirect side uses convection heating to work just like an indoor oven. Use it to prepare a roast, or get creative and bake a cake right on the grill.

The third section is the water partition. When filled, the water partition allows moisture to be pulled up and into the food you are cooking food as heat from the direct side travels over and into the indirect side. Adding flavored liquids or spices to the water allows the grill to marinate meat or other foods as they cook, infusing dishes with whatever flavors you choose to add.

The Chamber Grill retails for $899 and is available online and in stores this spring.