Your iPhone may be worth more than you think (podcast)

Larry talks with CNET's own Maggie Reardon about the market for used iPhones ahead of Apple's likely announcement of a new model

Larry speaks with CNET's Maggie Reardon about the market for used iPhones

I was fascinated by Marguerite Reardon's recent Ask Maggie postabout selling your old iPhone because -- like lots of people -- I bought an iPhone 4S last fall, which means that I'll still be under contract if and when the new iPhone comes out next month. I say "if," but Apple is widely expected to announce a new iPhone on Sept. 12, and if the past is any indication, I'm sure I'm going to want one. Maggie did a good job describing the issue in her post, but I had some more questions, which she answered in this six-minute conversation.


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