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Your future AR home movies will look like 80s music videos

A-ha's "Take On Me" gets reshot in augmented reality, thanks to Apple's ARKit


Family reunions will never be the same.

Trixi Studios

In the near future, reality's going to be transformed through your phone camera. Get ready for some weird memes.

A quick video shot using Apple's upcoming ARKit tools on an iPhone shows a pretty jaw-dropping augmented reality take on the A-ha video "Take on Me." Someone (that looks more like a video game character than an actual person) is dancing in front of a magic portal into a pencil-and-paper sketch-world. We pass through. Now we're in the other space, looking through at kids dancing in the living room... half-sketch, half-real. It's mesmerizing.

Trixi Studios, the makers of this demo, are a Chicago-based augmented reality studio that also created one of the first Google Tango launch apps, Phantogeist.

Much like Snapchat and its reality-bending lenses, or Prisma's impressive photo filters, ARKit seems ready to apply more advanced augmented reality effects in increasingly-impressive demonstrations by developers. 

ARKit is arriving as part of iOS 11 this fall, but it's already looking amazing. And, even more impressively, a lot of these types of effects might be possible by future iPhone AR apps on the fly -- no complex editing necessary.

It suggests that dancing hot dogs are just the beginning of a long, strange trip into bizarre transformed home movies.

For comparison, the original "Take on Me" video is below.