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Your friendly neighborhood cell phone

To coincide with the the release of 'Spider-Man 3,' Sony Ericsson will release some Spider-Man-branded phones.

As Spider-Man fans eagerly await the next movie (please don't make Venom lame), we hear Sony Ericsson will sling out some Spidey-enhanced handsets soon.

The K800i, the K750i, K550i, and the K610i will be getting new suits. And don't worry about scratching your phone when you're web-slinging because these special-edition phones come with a carrying case and a wrist strap. Reportedly, there will also be exclusive Spider-Man wallpapers and screensavers preloaded on the phones.

No word on when these are expected to be available, but it shouldn't be too far as the movie's only a week away. The folks at Just Another Mobile Phone Blog took a close look at these accessories, and they came away impressed.

I think the movie's going to be a tremendous hit, and these handsets should do well with more than just the die-hard web-heads. Besides, people are going to need something to match their Spider Spuds.

On opening day, be sure to check out the Spider-Man mosaic the folks at Webshots are working on.