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Your first adorable snippets of Silicon Valley reality show

In one of two clips released by Bravo of its new Silicon Valley reality show, one contestant keeps using the phrase "s*** show." Might this be prophetic?

BravoTV Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You might decide, on viewing these two clips from the new Bravo TV show "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" that words fail you.

Please don't be alarmed.

Words sometimes know when they have been defeated. They realize that there are occasional moments in life when they can and will have no effect.

So please just click the play buttons here and marvel, say, at the straight face of VC Dave McClure, as he examines a pitch from a couple of very beautiful people -- whose words will make up for your lack of them.

Yes, one of them finds him disrespectful. Oh, goodness.

I am grateful to AllThingsD which first feasted eyes upon this spectacle.

Because we at Technically Incorrect live to find the true symbolism in people and events, we wonder why Bravo TV makes its embeddable clips so small. Is this a commentary on the scale of the show?

And then, as you view the second of these clips, notice how many times the gorgeous, pouting blonde entrepreneurs keep repeating the phrase: "s*** show."

Is it possible some wicked producer or intern chose this very clip to send us all a coded (but not very) message?

As a deeply committed watcher of reality television I feel sure that this opus -- which begins November 5 -- will enjoy a certain magnetism that these two clips don't quite deliver.

We know, at least, that there will be some making-out between contestants.

However, I don't believe this show can find a full embrace unless there is a pregnancy, an arrest or two, or a cameo from a topless Mark Zuckerberg.