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Your favorite cookies on a stick

The Lollipop Cookie Pan lets you turn your favorite cookies into a treat to go.

Lately, I've been seeing lots of cool cookies at bake sales and other functions: they're baked with lollipop sticks in them so kids can take them on the go and they're decorated with with great frosting. I may not be able to mimic the careful details that go into decorating these cookies, but I have figured out an easy way to turn my cookies into lollipops. The Lollipop Cookie Pan, from G&S Design, lets you turn out eight lollipop cookies at a go, shaped like daisies, tulips and butterflies. Even better, the cookie designs look good even if your approach to decorating is just a simple coat of frosting, while still offering the option of getting a little fancier with your decorations.

The Lollipop Cookie Pan is commercial-grade bakeware with a sturdy steel construction that evenly heats as it bakes. It has a nonstick baking surface, making it easy to separate those fresh-baked lollipops from the pan. The Lollipop Cookie Pan even comes with recommended recipes and 24 lollipop sticks, providing a head start on the project. If you're making more than two dozen cookies, you can pick up more sticks at the local craft store. The pan measures 15.4 inches by 9.2 inches. The Lollipop Cookie Pan is about $10.