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Your face is your password

NecSoft's BiodeLogon system uses facial recognition to log you on.

Gone may be the days of remembering passwords or scanning your fingerprint to log on to your PC. If NecSoft's new authentication software catches on, all you'll need is your face.

Say cheese! Or a random combination ofnumbers and letters! Akihabara News

The NecSoft BiodeLogon system uses a Webcam to take your mugshot, then matches it up to your assigned user photo. If it's a match, you're logged in. So if you need to change your password, just get a haircut or pierce your nose.

Sounds easy...maybe too easy. If you have an identical twin, can they access your PC? What if you're just not feeling like yourself that day? If the Caps Lock is on when BiodeLogon scans your mug, is the all-caps version of your face the same as your normal face?

Actually, it doesn't really matter. Face passwords are the coolest.