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Your dream home, delivered to your doorstep

Want the house of your dreams? Just design it on a computer and print it out in lumber.

Want the house of your dreams? Soon, it may be possible to design it on your computer and have it delivered to you in customized, Lego-like pieces.

Your dream home (some assembly required).

That's the idea behind a collaboration between Bell Travers Willson Architects and Facit. The concept was showcased at the 1:1 Making the Digital House exhibition at The Architecture Foundation in London.

Using 3D modeling programs, an entire home or building can be designed on a computer. All the dimensions and screw-hole placements for the building materials are then relayed to a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine that cuts out the customized components needed.

Essentially, you print out your dream home--in lumber--and have all the parts sent to you.

More information and photos about the exhibition are available at Core77 Design Blog, TreeHugger, and Inhabitat.

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