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Your daily dose of obnoxiousness: Mini Cooper limo with whirlpool

No, this is not a joke. Some guy built it!

Born Rich

It's Saturday, and here in New York City it's finally started to feel like spring. This 70-degree sunny weather sure makes me want to cruise around the streets in style; you know, in a really pimped ride. But not just any pimped ride. It's got to be a Mini Cooper. And it's got to have room for my whole posse in the back. Oh, and one more thing--there simply must be an open-air whirlpool so that we can splash around and cool off on these hot city afternoons.

Good thing a car builder in Los Angeles created the perfect ride for me!

Born Rich

I want to stress one thing: This car is not a joke. It really is a 6-meter-long stretch limousine made from a Mini Cooper S car. It seats six. There's a flat-screen TV, DVD player, telephone, and black leather interior. And there's a pool, too--more specifically, a whirlpool that can hold two people. It has a retractable sunroof, so that you can have pool fun in the sun or cover it up in case anything goes on in there that, um, shouldn't be displayed in public. So yeah, how much do you think this bad boy costs? I'd be almost willing to forsake my coveted Bathtub Racers for it.

(Via Born Rich)