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Younger UK viewers watch more Netflix than all of BBC TV

Music streaming is also proving more popular than BBC's radio offerings.


Even the BBC's iPlayer streaming service can't compete with Netflix.

Young audiences in Britain are choosing online entertainment over the BBC .

In its 2018 Annual Plan, the broadcaster has acknowledged that young people aged 16-24 in the UK are spending more time watching Netflix than all of the BBC's programming combined, including iPlayer.

It's not just TV that the BBC is losing out on, but audio too. As the company states: "for the first time, in October-December 2017 we estimate 15-34s listened more to streaming music services than all BBC Radio (5 hrs vs. 4 hrs 30 minutes a week)."

"Rapid technological changes driven, in particular, by the internet and mobile devices mean that, more and more, audiences are choosing to enjoy what they want, whenever they want, wherever they are," The report explains. 

"We are approaching the time when this will become the main route to what the BBC does. It will not come immediately, but already it is happening far quicker than many predicted."

"We have put this challenge right at the heart of our strategy to reinvent the BBC for a new generation"

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