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You will need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer's on-demand shows

The government has confirmed, in a white paper on the future of the BBC, that you'll soon need to get your own TV licence to use the iPlayer service.


A loophole in BBC's iPlayer service, which allowed you to watch on-demand but not live TV shows without a licence, is to be closed, culture secretary John Whittingdale has confirmed.

Whittingdale set out his intentions to close the loophole back in March, but has today confirmed those plans in a white paper detailing the BBC's future.

"The BBC works on the basis that all who watch it pay for it," Whittingdale said at a media convention in March. "Giving a free ride to those who enjoy 'Sherlock' or 'Bake Off' an hour, a day or a week after they are broadcast was never intended and is wrong."

Whittingdale also said that the BBC will investigate "new subscription offerings" for "additional services" not currently offered by the Beeb.