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You want to mark April 1? OK, I've got a better suggestion

Forget April Fools' Day. This date does have real historical significance in the history of the tech business.

Forget April Fools' Day, there's real stuff to mark April 1, 2008. Thanks to MUNI, the mechanized joke which is supposed to function as a transport system in San Francisco, I'm late to the game. Anyway, kudos to Anil Dash and the other folks who have weighed in on the April Fools' hijinks. Some are funny, a lot are lame, and most are confusing. (Full disclosure: wiseacres posted a few as well. I think they were OK, but you can judge yourself.)

But if you want to mark the occasion, I would offer two anniversaries for your consideration. In 1976, the Two Steves incorporated Apple in Cupertino, Calif. How big a deal was that? Think of how personal computing might have evolved had it not been for Wozniak and Jobs.

The other is the anniversary of Dave Winer's blog on in 1997. I don't want to get into the controversy about who was first, second...or 98th to the blogging party. But suffice it to say that Winer's writings did as much as any to attract attention to what then was an oddball idea at the time. Nowadays, blogging is a conventional outlet for expression. But if you were paying attention in 1997, few "experts" expected the blog to recalibrate widely held assumptions about online publishing. So much for kowtowing to the groupthink mentality underpinning conventional wisdom.