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You too can own a pair of Ferraris

Binoculars, anyway.

William Optics

There was a time when some of us at Crave frequented equestrian events (i.e., played the ponies) and spent far too much money on binoculars, let alone ill-advised trifecta bets at Santa Anita. Since then, technology and overseas manufacturing have drastically reduced the price of sporting lenses, and quality binoculars can be gotten today for a relative song.

But this is one pair that we might be worth stretching the budget for. The "Ferrari Visio" binoculars from William Optics have 8x magnification but, more importantly, are themselves a sight to behold. Gizmag says they also include Ferrari's distinctive carbon fiber plate for an unusually lightweight design.

Granted, red has never been our favorite color. But it's probably the closest we'll ever get to owning anything with the Ferrari logo on it, especially at $199.