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You said email, our survey says... Social networking!

A fancy Nielsen survey has revealed that social networking is more popular than email for the world and his mum. We can help you measure exactly how much time you're wasting on it

A Nielsen survey has found that social networking is more popular than personal email. Nielsen probably has an impressive array of fancy graphs and scientific calculators, but we've just basically just looked on Lifehacker for some ways to see just how you've managed to waste yet another day.

The survey lumps together 'member communities', including blogs. According to the report, one in every 11 minutes spent online is spent on social network and blogging sites. There is also a fast-growing number of older users getting into this whole social thingy, with the wall, and the what's it called? The poking, yes, that's fun, isn't it?

The surprising thing about this research is how big social networking is worldwide, with Google's Orkut singled out as being particularly popular in Brazil and India. Social networking's wealth of communication options, from friendly 'I like' thumbs-ups to sharing photos to heartfelt mail missives puts it ahead of boring old email. In fact, Crave can't remember the last time we got a personal email that wasn't a Twitter notification.

If you need to know how much time you spend using any Web site or application, JournalLive will show you in handy graph form. Or you could choose to see your time in handy brick form

You can also track your time spent on any project with Cashboard, which allows you to create quotes and generate invoices if you're one of those people who works in your pants. If you're the type of person who has to get up in the morning and don trews or skirts to head to the office, you'll probably spend a certain portion of your life in meetings. Payscale's Meeting Miser shows you how much each meeting is costing the company by ading up everybody's salaries.

If Facebook or Twitter or PhilippinoButlers are really eating all of your productivity, the nuclear option is LeechBlock, which will limit the time you can spend writing on walls, tweeting and searching for someone precious to do your ironing.

The survey went on to conclude that... oh, sorry, got to go: we've had an invite to take the 'How much do you look like Keith Chegwin?' quiz!