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You gotta know when to fold' em--on the iPhone

Vegas-style video poker comes to the iPhone in the form of several new applications, including like "5 Card Touch."

Several new iPhone apps are bringing Vegas-style poker to the mobile world. With them, users can deal and draw without toting around a deck of cards.

Deal and bet on iPhone poker app "5 Card Touch." Griffin Technology

One new poker app is Griffin Technology's "5 Card Touch" video poker. Released along with the iTunes 7.7 App Store Thursday, the application works like any other video poker game, except it's available on the go and on a touch screen.

Players bet between one and five credits, tapping the screen to deal, discard cards, or draw for new ones. A royal flush earns the most points, and jacks or better win the minimum prize. Users can also keep track of winnings, hands played, and hands won or lost. Gamers are given 1,000 virtual dollars to start playing.

The new iTunes App Store has a total of nine video poker games ranging from the "5 Card Touch" price of $1.99 to games that cost $9.99. iTunes also offers two Texas Hold'em poker games for $4.99. Either way, gambling on the iPhone will probably be considerably cheaper than betting at the casino.