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You got game? Prove it with electronic basketball

Equipped with sensors, 94Fifty can help you with your jump shot. But you still have to jump.


So you've got the LED-lit Tron basketball court. Now you need an electronic ball.

94Fifty is a sensor-laden ball that's designed to give you feedback on your court athletics. It has wireless links to your iOS or Android smartphone and a Qi charging pad.

Part of a Kickstarter campaign by InfoMotion Sports Technologies, 94Fifty is a regulation-size ball that gathers data on everything from dribbling to shot arcs, backspin, and speed.

The ball contains sensors including accelerometers but is still regulation weight. It holds a charge for about 8 hours and has a 90-foot range from your phone.

The app processes the data, gives you all kinds of feedback, shows you if and how you're improving, and of course lets you compare with friends through social media.

You can also use it to do ball workouts or practice specific skills such as ball handling or shooting.

Part of the trend of digitizing sports and sports gear, 94Fifty is going for $195 on the campaign, which aims to drum up $100,000 by April 8.

InfoMotion wants to embed sensors in other balls to change how players improve their game in other sports.

Meanwhile, I'd to see the Harlem Globetrotters get down with these basketballs.