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You can play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One starting July 8

Rockstar's Xbox 360 classic will be playable on the Xbox One later this week, thanks to backward compatibility.

Red Dead Redemption

Fans of Red Dead Redemption will finally be able to play the open-world Western on the Xbox One later this week.

Rockstar has announced that the game will be added to the Xbox One's list of supported backward compatible games as of July 8. That means anyone with a disc or digital version of the 2010 Xbox 360 game can play it on Microsoft's current console as of Friday, at no additional charge.

Furthermore, the game will be added to the Xbox One's digital download store for new customers to purchase as well. (Price was not disclosed.)

The title has a Metracritic score of 95/100 and has consistently been one of the most requested Xbox 360 titles to be added to the Xbox One.