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You can own Pacific Rim and 14 other movies in 4K UHD for just $5 each

Vudu's weekend flash sale includes The Accountant, Space Jam and Sully. Save a bundle adding them to your collection compared to Amazon.

Legendary Pictures

There's nothing quite like owning your favorite movies so you can watch them anytime you like. Just the other day, I mentioned you can get the entire Back to the Future trilogy for just $17 on Amazon, which is barely more expensive than renting each of the movies once. Today I've got more movie goodness for you: Vudu is running a weekend flash sale and offering a, shall we say, eclectic collection of movies for $5 each. These aren't rental prices -- you can get the highest resolution version of each film for $5.

You can choose from among 15 movies, including:

…and a handful of others. Check out the Flash Sale page for the whole list. I probably don't even need to tell you that this is a great price, since the standard 4K UHD purchase price at Amazon is $15 for most of these titles.

Since this is a weekend flash sale, don't expect these deals to last beyond, you know, the weekend. Personally, I know what I'll be watching tonight, and it rhymes with Specific Vim.

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