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You can now spam GIFs in Facebook comments

(Insert relevant GIF here.)

All you GIF lovers on Facebook, here's your chance to go wild.

The social media platform is now letting users post GIFs on comments as a new feature to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF. Which means this is me right now:


And this:


A whopping 13 billion GIFs were sent on Facebook Messenger last year, 400 million of those gracing family and friends on New Year's Day 2017. Facebook only brought in sharing GIFs on News Feeds in 2015, letting you use the site hosting the image to make a direct share to your feed.

Lastly, Facebook wants to end the age old debate on how to pronounce GIF -- those living in the US will be able to cast a vote on whether it's the "hard g" or the "soft g" (you will probably see a poll on Facebook somewhere). My money's on the latter no matter what you say.  

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