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Amazon's Alexa reels in Big Mouth Billy Bass at last

Alexa, take me to the river.


Big Mouth Billy Bass is now Alexa-compatible.


Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is taking on yet another form, this time steeped in '90s kitschiness. 

An Alexa-compatible version of Big Mouth Billy Bass -- a toy fish mounted on a plaque that used to dance to and sing songs like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Take Me to the River" -- is available for preorder on Amazon for $39.99 as of Wednesday. 

Billy pairs with Echo devices, and its lips move in sync with Alexa's voice commands. He'll even dance to Amazon Music and react to alarms, timers and notifications. And not to worry, he still sings. 

The company first said it would be fusing Alexa and Billy in 2017.

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