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You can now post pics to Twitter from Picnik

A new Picnik tool lets you export your freshly edited pictures to Twitter using Photobucket's TwitGoo service.

Picnik has a new and simple way of distributing photos you've just edited in your browser. Using application programming interfaces from Photobucket's TwitGoo photo-hosting service and Twitter, it lets you compose a tweet that includes a link to the photo right inside of the editor.

To do this you simply link up your Twitter account once, and Picnik saves your credentials for future use. It also lets you take a shot you've edited in Picnik and quickly make it either your Twitter profile picture, or background. In either case it's skipping the step of you having to venture off Picnik to make the changes.

There are several benefits to blasting out photos over Twitter. People on many modern desktop clients can view the image without leaving their app. And TwitGoo provides a simple way for other people to see the original and directly respond or retweet it from their own accounts, which can give you extra distribution power if people like what you've just made.

You can take photos you've just edited in Picnik and send them straight to Twitter with a simple new feature. CNET