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You can now livestream concerts on your iPhone in VR

Startup Rivet streams gigs from New York's Blue Note Jazz Club in 360-degree virtual reality. Now, it's bringing those services to iOS devices (and Androids too, eventually).

Rivet is a startup that streams 360-degree, VR-compatible gigs on YouTube. The company has now launched an impressive iOS app that lets iPhone and iPad users stream concerts live -- and in VR.

At the moment, Rivet only streams performances from New York's Blue Note Jazz Club, which co-founded the service. The app allows users to stream gigs live or re-watch archived performances from the venue. However, it seems the startup still has much bigger plans.

"Rivet's mission is to revolutionize the way live and on-demand music is consumed over the Internet," reads an ambitious excerpt from its website. Rivet was on hand at Taipei's Computex convention, showing off its service during an Intel keynote.

Rivet says its service works with Google Cardboard, and that the app will be "coming soon" to Android.