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You can now bliss out with Journey, a PlayStation original, on iOS

The meditative darling of game critics is finally out on mobile.


Journey, originally released on PlayStation in 2012, is now on mobile.


You can now snag a copy of Journey, once a PlayStation exclusive, on Apple's App Store for just $5, and plunge yourself into the blissfully wordless desert trek, courtesy of Annapurna Interactive. Out Tuesday, thatgamecompany's mobile version offers touch controls for movement, pinging and camera control. It follows a May release of the game on PC through the Epic Games Store. 

The meditative darling of game critics, Journey copped a 92% average rating on Metacritic and a rare 10 out of 10 from CNET sister site GameSpot for its gorgeous visuals and soothing soundtrack. 

Players guide an unnamed protagonist through sand dunes and into a mountain, while contending with ancient automatons. The game's online functionality lets other players tag along with your trek with not a single word exchanged.

"Journey offers you comfort," writes GameSpot reviewer Kevin VanOrd. "It gives you companionship in a lovely but forsaken world. It gives you reason to dream even when facing loss."