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You can fly in an R2-D2 'Star Wars'-themed jet this year

There are several months to go before the premiere of "The Force Awakens," but you could experience a droid-based flight before then.

Beep, boop, beep... prepare for takeoff. ANA

While we were all busy freaking out about the latest featuring the triumphant return of a certain wookie, we almost missed the other big news that there's going to be a real-life freakin' R2-D2 jet!

Japan's All Nippon Airways plans to emblazon the nose of one of its 787 Dreamliner jets to look like the famous droid. It will be arguably one of the largest R2s ever conceived, perhaps even big enough to play center for the great Tatooine T'surr basketball team.

The jet will ply the skies starting in the fall, perhaps even here in the US, as the airline is using the nifty paint job and "Star Wars" hype to promote its new service between Japan and Houston.

Meanwhile, I've found a new meditation technique to help me pass the several months remaining before the premiere of " Star Wars: The Force Awakens" -- I put the silent video below on repeat on the largest screen I can find and chant "these are the droids I'm looking for."