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You can catch the Pokemon Go Plus wearable next week

The device notifies you if Pokemon are nearby and lets you catch them without opening the Pokemon Go app.

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Apple's iPhone 7 isn't the only new device launching September 16.

Nintendo on Thursday announced its Pokemon Go Plus wearable will be released that day in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. European availability has yet to be confirmed, but Nintendo's website said the wearable will be released in "most countries" on September 16.

The Go Plus connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device and lets you know about nearby Pokemon and Pokestops. The wearable will flash its LED lights if a critter is around and lets you catch it without needing to open the app on your phone.

No price was mentioned Thursday. But back at June's E3 trade show, Nintendo said the Go Plus would cost $35.

The announcement comes hours after Pokemon Go developer Niantic said the game will be coming to the Apple Watch 2.