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YoGen acts like a yo-yo to generate power for phones (podcast)

Easy Energy's Allison Morrison discusses a handheld device that generates emergency power for cell phones and iPods.

The YoGen generates power for cell phones Easy Energy

There are all sorts of devices that provide a quick charge for a cell phone or other gadget when you can't get to an electrical outlet. Most, like the Energizer Energi To Go products, require you to insert AA batteries that transfer energy from the AA battery to the device's internal battery. But Easy Energy has a battery-free solution.

Spokeswoman Allison Morrison told me about the company's YoGen product, which is like a yo-yo that generates power. It's a handheld device with a cord. Pull the cord a few times and it generates enough power to use your phone for a few minutes. It's probably not something you would ever use for a full charge, but it could be a lifesaver if you have to make an emergency call while your phone's battery is dead. The device costs $39.99 and is available online.

There is an iPhone adapters as well as adapters for most phones, including the BlackBerry. The company also makes YoGen Max, a foot-powered device that provides emergency power for laptop computers.


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