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Yo Apple, maybe time to change your iPad 2 billboards?

The new iPad is a smash hit, but billboard advertisements aplenty still promote Apple's iPad 2.

Apple billboard across from CNET headquarters in San Francisco. James Martin/CNET

When it comes to executing with ruthless efficiency on a plan of attack, few companies hold a candle to Apple. And the Monday announcement that Apple had sold 3 million iPads during the new product's first three days of availability is just the latest reaffirmation of that well-deserved reputation.

So what gives with all the iPad 2 billboards still adorning our byways and highways? Each day, I pass by the iPad 2 billboard (pictured above) which faces our offices in downtown San Francisco. Get into a car and head south on highway 101, and you'll spot a couple more in the city and another iPad 2 billboard prior to taking the exit for San Francisco International airport.

Watching from the sidelines, something seems off. Was this the strategy or the result of a disconnect in communications between divisions. Then again, this does offer the savvy staff at Apple's stores even more opportunity to upsell the customer and wind down the remaining iPad 2 inventory.

Apple wasn't immediately available for comment but if this was a glitch in the system, it shouldn't be hard to remedy: Just hire a couple of painters and white out the "2."

Heading south on Highway 101 Google Streetview