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Yet more Apple cell phone rumors

Yet more Apple cell phone rumors

After the overhyped introduction but lackluster reception for the Motorola Rokr "iTunes phone" last year, it was clear that Apple was just dipping its toe into the cell phone water. Steve Jobs doesn't like to share the stage with anyone, so speculation has only intensified that Apple will be introducing its own cell phone at some point. Rumors are unsubstantiated as of yet (and it's not like Apple would leak anything anyway), but a couple of Morgan Stanley analysts said recently that they expect to see an "iPhone" by the end of the year. Despite the appeal of such a device (as anything Apple-related would have), the analysts caution that Apple would have its work cut out for it. It would have to develop relationships with carriers, who--in exchange for subsidizing the cost of phone and, thus, making them more affordable--get a lot of say in how the phone looks and what goes in it. That doesn't sound very Apple. If the company wanted to go at it alone, it could start its own MVNO.

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