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Yet another social bookmark service: BlueDot

Yet another social bookmark service: BlueDot

I just heard about a new social bookmarking system, BlueDot. If you're not currently using a bookmark collector, such as, BlueDot is definitely worth checking out. It's easy to use, and it has a nice social network function: You can, if you want, review not just your own bookmarks (boring) or the world's (overwhelming), but those from people in your buddy list (just right, if you have buddies on the system).

BlueDot is really easy to use, and it creates clean pages of links. It has a few clever flourishes, too. Each bookmark you create inherits a picture from the bookmarked site, and BlueDot makes it easy to scroll through all the pictures on the page to pick the one you like best. Also, if you bookmark an item on a commerce site (I tried Amazon), BlueDot automatically adds a Buy This button (former Amazon developers are at the company).

Dozens of social bookmark systems are already out there, and I wouldn't recommend that anybody abandon whatever system they're using right now to get onboard with this one. But the service shows how the social bookmarking concept is evolving. If you are new to social bookmarking, give it a spin. Or wait a few months and check out the dozens of new services that are probably in development.