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Yay! Nokia 5300 update!

Nokia's new 5700 builds on its very cool 5300.

Nokia 5700
Nokia 5700 Nokia

Though the announcement didn't officially happen at CTIA, today Nokia unveiled an update to one of my favorite phones, the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music. Like its predecessor, the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music boasts a strong music-like portfolio but adds a twisting base straight from the Nokia 3250. The camera is also upped to 2 megapixels.

The microSD card slot can accommodate 2GB cards (that's about 1,500 tracks), and you can listen to your tunes via stereo Blueooth or connect your own wired headphones to the included 3.5mm adapter plug. Or for less private affairs, you can blare music over the 5700's stereo speakers or get one of Nokia's wireless speaker options. Supported formats include WMA, MP3, AAC, AAC+, and MP4 files, and though you can't purchase music over the air, you can connect the phone to a PC and transfer files. The optimized music player features album art, playlists, an equalizer, and audio visualizations.

We don't know about North American availability, but if Nokia has a heart they'll give us a chance to play with the device. But if a U.S. carrier picks it up, we'll only lend our support if that carrier doesn't strip it out any GSM bands. T-Mobile did just that with the 5300 and we're not happy.