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Yanni knows the only right answer to the Yanny-Laurel debate

Yes, it's exactly what you would expect.

You can stop debating now. The only expert that matters has solved the Yanny-or-Laurel audio challenge that has divided the internet into warring factions. 

New-age musician Yanni, famed for his outstanding mustache and instrumental hits, tweeted his reaction to hearing the robotic voice that some people interpret as saying "Yanny," but others hear as "Laurel." 

Try not to be shocked when you learn the composer hears "Yanny." 

In the realm of pop-culture debates, Yanny vs. Laurel has taken its place among the greats such as Beatles vs. Stones, Star Wars vs. Star Trek and Pepsi vs. Coke. 

The phenomenon is still a bit of mystery, with experts divided on the possible explanation for the different audio interpretations. But if you're into soothing instrumentals and glorious lip hair, then you know there's only one true word to be heard.