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Yang courts Microsoft: Show me the money

Two days after Steve Ballmer took his offer off the table, chief Yahoo Jerry Yang said he would be open to another bid from Microsoft.

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang talked to a few press outlets Monday, opening the door to further negotiations if Microsoft is willing to show him the money, or what he considers the appropriate price.

Microsoft's final bid was $33 and Yahoo held out for $37, or something close to that number, but Ballmer decided on Saturday not to continue the courtship. With Yahoo flaunting its possible ad serving deal with Google and holding out for an 80 percent premium over the January 31 closing stock price, Yang appeared to overplay his hand.

According to Reuters, Yang said it was Microsoft who decided to cease negotiations. With shareholder lawsuits piling up in the wake of the failed deal, the stock suffering, and no other suitor in sight, Yang may now be looking for rapprochement with Ballmer.

"If they have anything new to say, we would be open...I am more than willing to listen," Yang told Reuters.