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Yamamoto confused on H-1B racism charge

A News.com reader writes that to call opposition to an issue "racism" is to abdicate journalistic neutrality in favor of political advocacy.


Yamamoto confused on H-1B racism charge

In response to the Aug. 14 column by Mike Yamamoto, "So much for a colorblind meritocracy:"

Perhaps Mike, a journalist, has never heard of William of Occam, the author of the eponymous "Razor," which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the truest. Of course, the simplest explanation wouldn't help him advance his cause to defend the H-1B program. Instead he pulls out the egregiously dishonest "racism" card.

Neither Mike nor any other mortal can look into a person's heart and determine that person's emotional state. To call legitimate opposition to an issue "racism" is to abdicate journalistic neutrality in favor of political advocacy.

I oppose H-1B for two reasons: It has become a vehicle for illegal discrimination against older American workers and it takes money out of my pocket. Is it racism to resent being robbed?

I oppose H-1B apologists because they try to justify H-1B by accusing Americans of being lazy, stupid, greedy and, of course, "haters." The fact that they have nothing to offer but ad hominem attacks tells us that they have no valid arguments to justify H-1B.

Well for Mike's edification, my motivation for opposing H-1B is simplicity itself: Greenbacks, dead presidents, money. And I despise the white executives who sold the original bill of goods, the phony "high-tech labor shortage" and the (mostly white, non-Asian) greedy legislators who took the campaign contributions and voted for the bill just as much as I despise the employers who abuse the program, the foreigners who feed at the trough, and their apologists who have no other comeback than to call all opponents "racist."

Brian Crook
Livonia, Michigan